Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Senator Feinstein just alienated this Democrat

Senator Feinstein, you're officially on my Shit List. What were you doing last night in a commercial opposing Prop 5?

Senator Feinstein, you're wrong on this issue. The No on Prop. 5 campaign is fund by, guess who? The California Correctional Peace Officers Association. Keeping drug offenders in jail is food on their plate! Senator, who's interest are you looking out for? Certainly the Prison Guards Union it appears.

Here's an excerpt from a really smart dude who knows something about the "war on drugs"

The war on drugs has made America the biggest incarcerator in the entire world. Pew Center: 1 in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008 (Showing United States as world's highest per capita incarcerator, with 1% of its entire population incarcerated)

It has put a lot of poor people and minorities in prison. Human Rights Watch: Targeting Blacks: Drug Law Enforcment and Race in the United States (May 2008)The Sentencing Project: Disparity by Geography: The War on Drugs in America's Cities (May 2008)Justice Policy Institute: The Vortex: The Concentrated Racial Impact of Drug Imprisonment and the Characteristics of Punitive Counties (December 2007)

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