Friday, October 17, 2008

My Letter to the President of eBay: The Response

This morning I received a response from the Office of the President of eBay:

From: Office of the President <>
To: alex
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 9:19:32 AM
Subject: Re: FW: My experience using eBay Part 2

Dear Alexander ********,

Thank you for your recent email to John Donahoe in regard to restrictions
placed on your 69**** account.

Alexander, I understand that you disagree with the restrictions on your
account. However, as I have repeatedly stated, due to the lack of selling
history on your account, the limits will remain for at least the next 90 days. I
understand that you disagree, but as stated in prior emails, regardless of which
executive you write, you will receive the same response.

When you wrote to Meg years ago, it was not the same situation. The
restrictions that you are now dealing with were instituted on the site in
November of 2006. At that time, every eBay account was restricted in some way as
part of a new initiative to combat fraudulent listings on the site. Sellers were
asked to write in to appeal the restrictions and we would review their

Alexander as you are well aware, your account has been reviewed
multiple times. The restrictions will not be removed at this time, and you will
need to list within the parameters of your account until they are removed. All
of this information was sent to you in multiple emails overthe past two weeks.

At this point, the only thing that will remove the restrictions from your
account is a solid history as a seller. Please know that your account will not
be reviewed for 90 days. Any emails that you send priorto 90 days may be read,
but may not receive a response. I respectfully ask that you discontinue
contacting eBay executives as your account has been reviewed, you have received
all pertinent information, and you will continue to receive the same response.

Thank you for your time.


Office of the President

At that moment, there were many thoughts swirling in my head. How do I list within the parameters of my account when the parameters are secret? How do I develop a solid history as a seller when I am blocked from selling? There are so many holes in Terri's logic, I had trouble focusing on what I wanted to say. Here's my response, which I sent to John Donahoe directly:

From: alex
Friday, October 17, 2008 9:38:13 AM
Subject: Re: FW: My experience using eBay
Part 2

Good Morning Mr.

I received this response from Terri and I have a couple questions:

Please tell me how can I build my seller reputation if you will not allow me to list and revise?
Please tell me how many "branded" listings I may create and revise within a 30 day time period so I may plan my business activities accordingly.
Please tell me which branded items generate restrictions so I may plan my business activities accordingly.
Please tell me when the restrictions will end.

The situation that exists now prevents me from planning my business
activities. How would eBay function if there was a secret policy that turns off all listings without notice at any moment, and there was no way to know how many listings was the limit? I think you would be unable to operate your business if that were the case.

I urge you to remove these restrictions so I may continue to be a valuable
and positive member of the eBay community.

Thank you.

Alex **********

eBay User ID: 69*****

I will not stop demanding that I be treated like the honest, paying customer I am. I feel it is the duty of eBay to honor their customers, not punish them with wacky secret measures that fail to provide any benefit.

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Nick said...

feYour comments about the Office of the President are pertinent to my dealing with the same people, code name Terri.

Here's part of the email sent:
"Nick, reviewing the call I found myself at times very confused with the
discussion. There was definitely a communication problem between
yourself and Boots. At times you were given conflicting information and
I truly apologize for that. After over ten minutes of discussion, she
did tell you to finally add the nine percent you needed to add as tax.
Reviewing the whole communication I feel that after looking at all her
options, she felt that was the only way to assist you. The information
and her communication was simply wrong. We would never allow members to
put handling fees under sales tax costs, and it is also illegal. Please
know that after the review our Quality agent documented all the
information, and is working with Boots to ensure that she is aware of
the situation and that it does not occur to other members."
There was a day when eBay was a community. Now it's a corporation. Personally, I think it's only a matter of time before some wide ranging, financial scandal erupts there, as it does in all big corporations these days.

I also believe that eBay is actively trying to rid itself of the little auction people to concentrate more fully on the Big Buck Guys. What you and I both deal with here reflect that fact.

Nick Faust