Thursday, October 2, 2008

3 Great Bike Rides Tomorrow!

I've done the L.A. Critical Mass twice now, but Santa Monica CM keeps tempting me, with the Oh So Busy Protecting And Serving SMPD keeping close eye on who's got a bike light and where is it mounted, what angle a left turn is being made at, among other nonsense and tomfoolery.

Ride Arc is an architectural tour of different spots in L.A. Tonight's feature neighborhood is Watts, and meets at the 103rd St. Blue Line Station at 9pm.

And If you just want to have fun, head over to CSUN for a game of Bike Ditch, Zombie Style!

RIDE SAFE, people are dying and double dying out on these streets! Can we please get a fully functional bicycle transportation network installed asap, Mayor Antonio?

WORD UP FOR EARMARKS, a bike commuter tax break passed with the big financial bailout! Awesome!

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