Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Philippe's Postponed: Thousands waiting in line

I knew there would be a crowd celebrating 100 years of Philippe's yesterday, but I didn't expect this!

By the time we arrived, there was a 2 hour line, perhaps a thousand people, and Huell Howser was long gone.

We decided to eat somewhere else. The scooterists were heading to The Pantry, but we were in the mood for something a bit lighter.

San Sui on Larchmont serves the best sushi I have ever had in my life. Behold the Kim Chee Roll!

I was so proud of Heather riding with me last night. Check out her Easy Rider USA flag helmet.


Heather said...

We did have such a great night mon petit! I look like such a geek-a-thon in that pic! but i still love it!

Annie Empiric said...

forget the scooter. homegirl has on jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lisa durow said...