Friday, October 31, 2008

How Prop 5 reveals corruption in Sacramento

Traitors, Every Last One of Them
California's state government is being strangled by special interests. One would think politicians would embrace a proposition that:

1. Begins to end the failed war on drugs
2. Reduce overcrowding in our prisons by creating treatment options for young people with drug problems that do not exist under current law
3. Provide treatment, not jail, for nonviolent drug users
4. Save $2.5 billion or more

Alas, this photo shows the real truth in Sacramento: Someone's got them by the balls... Any guess who? Here's a hint: They spent $1.8 million televising lies and spreading fears. None other than the most powerful lobby in Sacramento, the California Correctional Peace Officers Assn. These guys own Sacramento politics. We all know the war on drugs has failed. We all know our state is in a fiscal crisis. We all know our prisons are dangerously overcrowded. We all know drug addiction is a medical condition, not a criminal offense. And when a proposition comes up that can address these concerns, politicians stand up in support of CCPOA, that continues to bleed California dry locking up our citizens. A sad day indeed.

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