Sunday, October 19, 2008

Racists for Obama?

Politico: Racists For Obama?, by Ben Smith

This article confirms a few anecdotes I have heard recently. I recall hearing somewhere (wish I remember) a white southerner saying something along the lines of "I'm voting for the [racial epithet]." The idea that racism is absolute makes no sense when you look at what's happening in this election. This article breaks it down really well. Some of my favorite lines are:

“I wouldn’t want a mixed marriage for my daughter, but I’m voting for Obama,”
"I was blown away by the outright racism, but these folks are … undecided. They would call him a [racial epithet] and mention how they don't know what to do because of the economy.”

Photo comes courtesy of Missouri Racists For McCain

Google Racists for Obama and this comes up.


Heather said...

beyond mon.that's beyond.

Heather said...

beyond. this is beyond mon

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hahahah this is great!

clverkid said...

this is great!