Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Open Letter to the leaders of our City concerning the Los Angeles Bike Plan

2 generations of Los Angeles Native Cyclists enjoy CicLAvia on 10-10-10

Dear Mayor Villaraigosa, Council President Garcetti and all members of the city council not currently under criminal investigation (just kidding, you to Councilman Alarcon ;),

Let me start with you, Mayor Villaraigosa. It annoys me to no end that you broke your elbow in a bike accident, and now you aren't leading the charge to make Los Angeles a bike friendly city. All the research shows we could reduce pollution, improve health, improve commute times, improve business activity and realize the dream of making Los Angeles a Green City by adopting robust cycling infrastructure measures. You have a bully pulpit and yet you don't say anything inspiring at all. This bike plan totally sucks and you say nothing? Mayor Villaraigosa, are you hearing us? We're just asking for an improvement over 1996 plan, and actual implementation of said plan. This is a joke! We're not stupid! Don't insult us and insult yourself by remaining silent on this.

At least email the Planning Commission with your own private thoughts on this crappy bike plan if you're not man enough to say it in front of cameras!

Better yet, appoint the experts of BikeSide to be your personal bicycle advisors to whip this plan into shape! They have some excellent talking points here.

Eric and the rest of the peanut gallery, please please please wake up and listen to your constituents. We are demanding a safer Los Angeles, where the streets are not machines of danger, death, pollution and sorrow, but can serve to unite us. We will support you if you support us. If you choose not to, we will fight you with all our hearts, this I promise.

Your Watchful Employer,

Alex de Cordoba

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