Friday, November 26, 2010

Schism in Los Angeles Critical Mass

While most Angelenos were figuring how they could stuff 3 plates of turkey into their pie holes, a dedicated and perhaps obsessive group of cycling enthusiasts were furiously debating the schism that has formed over the future direction of Los Angeles Critical Mass. On the Midnight Ridazz website there are at least 3 active discussions full of divergent opinions, various theories, ideas and strategies for tonight's ride. Also, there are 3 rides listed tonight called LACM, and 1 ride called Alternative to Critical Mass. On facebook there is the Los Angeles Critical Mass Event Listing.

Let me see if I can sort this out a bit.

It would appear there are at least 2 different rides tonight riding in 5 different packs.

The Alternative to Critical Mass will seek to have 4 different groups of riders observe all the laws of the road, riding in the right lane, stopping as required at all controlled intersections, and generally doing nothing to warrant a citation from LAPD.

Los Angeles Critical Mass will most likely be closely monitored by LAPD, which may or may not enforce CVC.

So the choice is yours. How are you going to ride tonight?

Alternative of Critical Mass meets tonight at Lafayette Park at Wilshire and Hoover at 6pm and rides at 7pm.

Los Angeles Critical Mass meets every last Friday of the month at Wilshire and Western at 630pm and rides out at 7:30pm

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