Monday, November 22, 2010

A day at the Los Angeles Auto Show


Yesterday I visited the Los Angeles Auto Show with my dad. Dad was interested in seeing the Porsche Cayman, a car he's been lusting after ever since it came out.

Porsche Cayman

We discussed why Porsche hasn't yet placed a 600hp engine in that body, creating a mid engine super car. If they would, their 911 flagship would probably be spanked by this upstart, so, for now, you can only get 320 horses in the Cayman.

Porsche Ruby Red

Dad even got to go back stage and view the Ruby Red color sample that would make for a fine looking car someday. Someday Dad!

Fiat 500 Topolino

Next I wanted to see the Fiat 500, and inquire as to its performance potential. Unfortunately, no one at the booth has even driven the car yet, so we'll have to wait.

Fiat 500

The original Topolino was by far the cutest car at the show.

Fiat 500 Topolino Rear

Plus my STRiDA made a new friend.

Fiat 500 Folding Bike meets STRiDA

After that, we checked out a few other marks before Dad's interest level dropped and he took off. Luckily, I had my STRiDA and happily continued viewing the show, while people ignored the cars around them and asked me to transform my bike for them. Between STRiDA sales pitches, I saw the Nissan Leaf,

Nissan Leaf

visited Subaru and Ford and got to have a nice conversation with the Dutch about their vision for Saab moving forward, which includes deprogramming all GM errors and returning the mark to Swedish heritage of hatchbacks that kick ass in the snow, perhaps even electric.

Saab Electric Wagon

I also learned why Volkswagen won't be bringing the Corrado/ Scrirocco to the USA. With the exchange rate being where it is, that car would cost $80k in the US. I love me some peoples car, but not that much...

Volkswagen Convertible

I also got to scold SMART for putting such a low tech engine in their forward thinking car, thus giving it fuel economy worse than a Prius with less than half the space. At least they brought a bike! It caught more than a few eyes as I was standing there.

Smart e-Bike

I also got to scold Ford for not importing their euro-spec Focus with an advanced 300hp engine to the US.

Ford Focus (Not) Euro Spec

Funny that an American car company hides their best cars in europe where Americans can't have them.

Coda Electric Car

I have high hopes for So Cal based Coda and their all electric sedan that boasts better mileage numbers than Nissan's Leaf. Good luck boys, may the electrons be with you!

Oh, and here's some 4 wheeled candy that also caught my eye:

Jaguar's Concept Car

Jaguar Concept side

Jaguar Concept front

Jaguar Concept Rear Left

Morgan then and now


Morgan OG

The ultimate driving machine

BMW M3 Racecar

The best bang for your supercar buck, tried and true


Ballsy Upstart Suzuki is more than a flash in the pan

Suzuki Bonneville Speed Racer Front

Tuner heartthrob Honda CRX 2010 edition


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