Monday, October 11, 2010

I was there: CicLAvia 10-10-10

CicLAvia was one of the best days I've ever had in Los Angeles. As an avid rider of Critical Mass, it was such a joy to be able to share the unique feeling of community I experience on those rides with a much broader swath of Angelenos! Thank you organizers of CicLAvia and thank you to L.A. Times' Joel Rubin for getting this story right. City leaders take note: there is a great desire to get out of our cars, if you'll give us safe routes to work, school shopping and entertainment throughout the city. Yesterday, we proved we have the "Critical Mass" to warrant agressively redesigning our transit systems to accomodate cycling as a viable transportation option.

I brought a special trailer for CicLAvia to show off a couple products I work with. Woolly Pocket is a vertical gardening container that can decorate your walls as well as your rickshaws! And my rickshaw's arms were long enough hold my STRiDA folding bicycle so I could show it off to other cyclists during the day, including City Council Candidate Stephen Box and his friend from the Los Angeles Police Department!

I was lucky enough to be joined by some old friends including my 81 year old father, who I blame for my 2 wheeled obsession! A big thanks to Chad, who drove my rickshaw all the way to Downtown L.A. I was stoked to meet his girlfriend Shannon, who rode my commuter bike along the route. I also was joined by my old friend Rick who now lives in Santa Barbara. Our firends Justin and Krista brought their beautiful kids, including Avery who rode the whole way! As a reward, she got to ride back on my rickshaw, arguably the best seat in the house!














Juan Matute said...

Great pics, and a great three gun salute to end to an awesome day.

Ezra said...

I saw you and your rickshaw at Hollenbeck park!

Breeze Redgrave said...

Nice one, Alex! Glad you enjoyed our beauty. Next time loooooonger!