Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walking The Walk

How many times have you seen a police officer driving in a reckless manner? I've stopped counting the number of cops talking on their cell phone while driving. I even saw a motorcycle cop riding his bike with one hand and holding his cellphone in another. Once when I confronted an LAPD officer while riding next to her squad car on my bike, she smiled and said to me "It's for official police business" as if the subject matter of her call magically immunizes her from distraction and me from the danger she poses to my safety. I've witnessed Beverly Hills police blow through stop signs while speeding through residential neighborhoods. While this is legal when their lights are on and they are responding to an urgent call, their emergency lights were off, and because they made no effort to alert anyone, it can only be described as reckless driving. A call to the watch commander confirmed they should not have been doing that. One of my hopes was that one day, all these officers would be held to the same laws that all other motorists must abide by.

For one Miami police officer, that day has finally come.

Florida Highway Patrol arrested a Miami police officer on Oct. 11 after a seven-minute-long high speed chase on Florida's Turnpike in Broward County.


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