Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The cavalry rides for OccupyLA

Last Sunday I helped organize a bike ride for OccupyLA IMG_6683
I brought the shopping cart rickshaw my friends from Alumina Design fabricated for the inagural CicLAvia. IMG_6735
Decorated with a 20 foot tall bamboo flag pole flying the 99%, and an Aiwa pumping revolutionary tunes, it was the perfect tool to inspire the people with the Occupation's message.
To our surprise, the 1% by and large supports the 99%


Heather Taylor said...

so impressive and awesome, my mon!

Alex said...

Thanks Wifey!

jessica o'brien said...

saw your tweets via OccupyLA! i’ve been spending every weekend downtown so I loved seeing the occupation taken out to other areas of LA. will you be planning future rides?

Alex said...

@Jessica with the blessing of the General Assembly, YES!

Bullet Salvador said...

great post man. thanks for sharing. =)

windisch said...

definitely a lot of fun. Had an incredible conversation with a financial analyst under the tree in beverly hills. he was fully supportive of the protests and shocked that people hadnt taken to the streets sooner. his assessment was that the movement should try to do like the tea party and register a bunch of new voters in order to shift the agenda. They shook up the republican party with about 7 million new voters. if occupy could muster 9 or 10 million the elected officials will be forced to respond. he shared a bunch of other great insights.

bkt said...

i hope you ride again! i so wanted to go and think this would be such an effective and fun! method to outreach all over los angeles. have you tried getting the midnight riderz/critical mass group involved???

Alex said...

@windisch please share your insights from the analyst with the GA! That's a great idea. The GA should form a voter driver committee that works on registering voters.

Alex said...

@BKT My understanding is that the leaders of Critical Mass are not interested in political action. I know how silly that statement is on so many levels. Midnight Ridazz has done a lot for OccupyLA and continues to do so, but not really yet in a fully organized and massive way. I totally believe that the vast majority of critical mass riders are in alignment with the philosophy behind OccupyLA and if we could get 1000+ ridazz down to support OccupyLA good things could happen! Lend your voice and let's make it happen!