Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cultural Genocide in South Dakota

A 3 part investigative report by Laura Sullivan and Amy Walters on NPR this week brings to light an awful truth about the United States of America:

Well into the 21st century, the state of South Dakota continues to perpetrate a systematic campaign of cultural genocide against numerous Native American tribes.

Why? To satisfy the greed of politically connected individuals who have succeeded in privatizing the care of foster children in the state of South Dakota, twisting and warping the purpose and mission of state agencies and ignoring federal laws in the process.

A company in South Dakota has figured out that they can steal native children off reservations, put them in group homes that they own, and collect millions of tax dollars to care for them. All they need to do is say the child is being neglected and no one can stop them. Federal law dictates that native children must be placed in native homes or with relatives, but South Dakota does nothing of the sort. Instead, 700 children a year are sent to a chain of group homes operated by this company awarded an exclusive no bid contract to care for foster kids in the state.

Guess who used to run the company: the governor of South Dakota, Dennis Daugaard.

I find it ironic that a Republican governor of a Republican state can pretend to rail against government waste when he has devised an evil little factory that steals children from their families so that he can bill the government for their imprisonment. The taxpayers of South Dakota are robbed annually to the tune of tens of millions of dollars as a result of this illegal child imprisonment scheme.

The loss of identity and psychological damage inflicted on these children is immeasurable. That this is able to occur in our country must give every American pause.

When will Dennis Daugaard be brought to justice for devising and perpetrating unspeakable acts of cultural genocide against the Crow Creek Tribe?

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