Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wasted Infrastructure? Northeast Valley Animal Care Center

The Northeast Valley Animal Care Center is a beautiful facility. It's mission style architecture recalls an earlier time in this valley's history, before strip malls and liquor stores. I drive by this building all the time, and wondered why the native vegetation that was obviously carefully selected and planted on the site was becoming overgrown and downright ugly. It turns out the shelter is closed to the public. People do some sort of work in there, I think. From what I could find out online, it seems to be a staging depot for Project Flying Chihuahuas, and even got national press for their efforts. I wonder if the city is being well served by a $10 million dollar mission style building that for all I can tell is used to deport mexican dogs to the east coast. When will this animal shelter be opened to the public, Councilman Alarcon? Maybe you could at least mow the lawn in the meantime...

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