Friday, December 4, 2009

Neither Critical Nor Massive, SMCM went on anyway!

Stardate 109012.05

Michael and I rode hard to get to the start of SMCM on time, only to find we were 20 minutes early. Seeing only a handful of riders hanging out, we grabbed some cheeseburgers and made our way back to the starting point. Still, only 10 ridaz were present for tonight's SMCM. (Where was the party tonight?) Our paltry group was neither critical nor massive, yet we managed to lift our spirits with a gently ride around Venice and the Marina, riding along the beach bike path, and then went to Abbot Kinney to check out First Friday. Then everyone split up and called it a night. Good people and good times, now we just need 50X more people!

Door to door, I rode 35 miles last night. My friends and family will say they're impressed, but I'll need double that distance now that I'm seriously thinking about doing the AIDS/LifeCycle this summer. I've only attempted one other multiday long distance ride, and my knee gave out 3 days in. This time, I'll train first and hopefully not experience malfunctions. If you're interested in doing the ride, check out the ALC Holiday Party happening tomorrow in L.A.


Heather Taylor said...

impressive mon! love it an can't wait to ride to joan's with you when i get back. xoxo

Megan Taylor said...

so impress!