Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shimano M086 MTB Bike Show Reviewed

A few weeks ago, I was riding from Hollywood to Santa Monica to meet Meg and Heather for a yoga class with Anaswara.* On my feet were 9 year old bike shoes that I had long since outgrew, but persisted in using because they worked fine...that is until my right foot started to feel numb. I instantly realized that my general cheapery and laziness had once again caught up with me. Off to Helens in Westwood I went with the goal of buying a quality shoe at a reasonable price. After passing on the SIDI Dominators that were out of my budget, I gladly settled on this pair of Shimano SH-M086 Mountain Sport Off-Road Shoes.

After a hundred miles of riding, I can report that the shoes strike a nice balance of stiffness to transfer your power to the wheels and comfort to keep your feet happy. The SPD clips work with my road and mountain bikes. The shoes are surprisingly easy to walk in, even on dirt slopes. What else can I say, the shoe does everything you expect it to. Sweet!

*For now, all I'll say about Anaswara is that her class is transformative and transcendental...

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