Monday, August 8, 2011

My next woodworking project

My friend Mike knows everything about style, art, food and drink, basically the finer things in life. Whenever I need advice on a shoe, watch or tie, Mike is my go to.

For example, he dressed me for my wedding, having located an artisanal suitmaker to create a tailormade one of a kind garment at an off the shelf price. Then he found the perfect shoe to go with it, all the way down to the handkerchief in my pocket.

So when I told him about my recent foray into woodworking, I knew he would have an idea of what I might try next.

Behold this chair designed by Dutch Architect Jan de Jong (1917-2001).

I'm probably being WAY too ambitious to consider attempting a re-creation, but if Amelia can Out-Robyn Robyn, I can certainly give it a shot.


Jodi said...

I already want to special order one of these...

Heather Taylor said...

you're CUUUTE

Matthew said...

Go for it! BTW am so impressed by your woodworking skills -- really want to pick a weekend day to make some stuff!