Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking the Heat


Yesterday was the hottest day ever recorded in the history of Los Angeles. You think you're having a hard time dealing with the heat?

Look at the animals around you. Birds, bees and butterflies (just the Bs people!) They are coping the best they can, like this butterfly I saw last night outside my kitchen. He was still there this morning, just resting on the ground. I gave him a little water, and I think he appreciated that. Leave water out for your feathered friends. Bees love to drink water from saturated soil.

Want to improve the situation for yourself and others? Leave your car at home and ride your bike to work. Is your commute too far to ride? Take a bus or train, or go multimodal! Plant a Woolly Pocket, or a hundred!

1 comment:

lisa fika said...

our hummingbirds and other winged friends did quite well in our courtyard--perhaps the ocean air helped. so good to offer our animal cousins some support during these strange days of heat and humidity. xo.