Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Injustices Multiplied

Los Angeles was recently listed as the 2nd most stressful city in the United States, after Detroit! We have the most expensive housing and the 2nd worst air pollution. YAY FOR US! As I make my way thru life in L.A., I try to think about what it is that people also find stressful. Here's a great example!


This brand spanking new parking meter comes with a red notice that basically says if the meter is broken, you cannot park in the space. As any Angeleno that drives a car knows, a parking space is like a golden ticket, a valuable prize that once gained, can put a smile on your face and instantly relieve the stress of driving and trying to find parking. What misery must befall a citizen to discover that the meter cannot accept their payment and now must return to their vehicle for another stressful round of find a parking space!

How did we get to a situtation where the Mayor, City Council President and head of the Department of Transportation believe they can actually punitively close a parking space whenever they are unable to maintain their profit generating equipment? I look forward to the day when Angelenos force our elected officials to treat us with respect and fear, rather than with a whip and shackle! Until that day, I remain outraged by these little injustices.

But there is hope. His name is Stephen Box and he believes that the city should work for it's people, not the other way around. Please take a moment to learn about his candidacy for the City Council in the 4th District. From Stephen's Facebook page:

A Vision that Connects: The City of Los Angeles must connect its boundless potential with a commitment to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and operate businesses. L.A.'s vision must connect the 91 neighborhood councils, 35 community plans, 15 council districts, and 45 city departments in a commitment that transcends traditional boundaries. Most of all, it is imperative that CD4 connect its rich history with the abundant opportunity that lies ahead. It's time for Los Angeles to connect with its destiny as a great city and CD4 is the place to start.

A Plan that Endures: The City of Los Angeles must bring its vision to life with a General Plan that endures. The plan must be more than a suggestion. The people of L.A. can no longer afford to live in an environment where vision plans battle with specific plans, master plans contradict community plans, and they are forced to sit by as growth follows the whims of developers. CD4 is attractive to developers for all the wrong reasons and it is imperative that the community grow according to a "plan that endures."

A Budget that Sustains: The City of Los Angeles must develop and implement a budget that is based on a commitment to the city's vision and plan, committing resources to the support and enhancement of the elements that improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. L.A.'s budget must build on opportunity and drive prosperity, not submit the people to a repetition of a past that codifies mediocrity and perpetuates inefficiency. Now is the time to insist on a city budget based on a commitment to performance, efficiency and effectiveness. CD4 is an abundantly diverse community with a vigorous economy and it is imperative that the city's budget commit to supporting the quality of life by allocating the necessary resources.

A City that Works: The City of Los Angeles must put people first, engaging them, serving them, and evaluating performance based on the delivery of city services. There is no better time than now for L.A. to move from a complaint-driven system to a standards-driven city, one that delivers on its vision, commitment and potential. Most of all, L.A.'s greatest asset is its people. It's time for the City of L.A. to make its priority putting people to work, starting with CD4.

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