Thursday, November 13, 2008

My letter to Senator Barbara Boxer regarding the upcoming transportation bill

I got an alert from the LACBC today that pointed to the Rails to Trails initiative. Their goal is:

to build on the success of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program in SAFETEA-LU. The goal: empowering dozens of communities to each advocate for $50 million in federal funds to make focused investments in infrastructure and programs to shift automobile trips to walking and biking. The campaign aims to double the federal investment in active transportation in the next reauthorization.

I wanted to make sure my senator, Barbara Boxer, was aware of my position on this incredible opportunity to make good on the potential of bicycle transportation infrastructure investment. Here's my letter. I encourage everyone to take action and contact their senators today.

Honorable Senator:

I wish to let you know how important it is to me that the next federal transportation bill creates walkable and bikeable communities. I am a cyclist here in Pacific Palisades and greater Los Angeles. I find it appalling that there is not a greater emphasis on non-car transportation, specifically bicycle transportation corridors throughout Los Angeles. Transportation studies consistently show that the majority of trips are 3 miles or less, well within the ability of bicycles if safe bicycle transportation corridors existed. I believe that it is imperative for my city and state's future to embrace bicycling as a viable and relevant transportation option. I encourage you to look at the success of cities like Portland Oregon or Copenhagen Denmark to see how the quality of life improves when government invests in bicycle infrastructure. Less congestion, cleaner air, reduced dependency on foreign oil, healthier americans, lower health care costs are a few of the benefits of investing in bicycle infrastructure. I totally support the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation to provide communities across the country with $50 million each to invest in biking and walking that will clean our air, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve public health, reduce congestion and improve quality of life.

Your Pal,


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