Friday, November 14, 2008

eBay doesn't want my business

eBay continues to suspect that I might be a peddler of counterfeit goods, and insists that I only list one branded item every month or so, depending on their mood. Since their process for deciding who is restricted or what level of restriction is placed on a given account is secret, we're all left to guess what our limits are, or if Terri (Office of President of eBay, my pal) is to be believed, we should "test" our limits from time to time to guess what they are. I thought I had garnered enough positive feedback, and I was ready to suck up to the Borg and try my luck. Here goes...

Dear Ms. eBay,

Thank you for choosing my account for special restrictions on branded items. Without knowing the qualification requirements, since they are a closely guarded secret, I believe that I would qualify to have those secret restrictions raised based on the fact that I have built a long-standing and consistent positive history of selling such items. I believe I may be eligible to have these limits raised and would like Ms. eBay to review my limits.



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