Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free LA ZOOs lone Elephant: Write to LA City Council Today!

Thanks Jessica for forwarding me this call to action!

Subject: Write LA Council Members Today 19th (Tell Them to Free LA ZOOs
lone Elephant)

My favorite animal lovers, LA City council meets today to decide on the fate of their lone elephant who is confined by itself in an unsuitable enclosure. Elephants need space or they often die (LA zoo has lost 13 elephants to complications from illness way before their natural life span.) My email is below and so are the council peoples email addresses. It'll take you less then 5 minutes.

From: alex


Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 1:50:30 PM

Subject: Free LA ZOOs lone Elephant

Dear Council Members,

I am writing you to encourage you to shut down the LA Zoo Elephant exhibit and send it's single lonely occupant to a Sanctuary.

It's unacceptable that Los Angeles, a city I am generally proud of in terms of it's enlightened citizenship and forward thinking policies, would not follow the humane example of other cities and get rid of elephant exhibits which put entertainment value above the health and welfare of these very special and intelligent creatures.

There is just no reason elephants should be dying and suffering because of unsuitable conditions under our watch. Elephants also are social creatures and to leave this creature in solitude is simply cruel.

Please do right by our city, and our collective humanity and send Billy to a natural habitat sanctuary.

I implore you to please put the best interest of this great animal as a top priority. Its the right thing for our city, and for our children.



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