Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey Charlie, lissen up. Rob Caldwell's gonna show you how it's done.

Watch as John McCain gets served by Portland's finest.

Charlie Gibson was okay today with Palin, but this reporter from Portland, Maine could give Charlie a lesson or 2 on how to interview public servants running for office.

Who is this brave patriot with balls the size of watermelons, not afraid of McCain's "forcefield of protection?" None other than Rob Caldwell.

Rob has lived in Maine since the day before Elvis died. After graduating from Williams College, he started at NEWS CENTER in 1982 and has covered everything from presidential candidates to professional wrestlers. Read Rob's blog!

Rob has made his career in journalism exclusively in Maine. Rob has received awards for journalism from the Maine Association of Broadcasters and from the Associated Press.

Rob is originally from Simsbury, Connecticuit.

Oh Snap is right! OUCH! Wow, McCain looked brusied after that interview. You can almost see is lower lip trembling in anger at the conclusion of the interview. He could barely say thank you. Gee, thanks Rob for handing me my credibility and integrity on a silver platter.

Go Get Em Rob!

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