Monday, September 15, 2008

From the Oracle: Look for an Obama Charge 'Round Hallow's Eve

Democrats are scared stiff by McCain and Palin. So much so, they donated over $66 million to Obama last month, and will probably break that record this month.

Oh yea of little faith.

Does a little known Alaskan Governor rallying conservatives to the aid of McCanine really signal the fall of our Hope for Change?

Perhaps, it's only 4 years ago that a majority of Americans elected a "retarded cowboy" to his second term as president, a feat his much more talented father could not accomplish.

Times have changed. We're facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Our reputation and clout around the world is in tatters. China owns all our debt.

Have some backbone, my fellow democrats. Look for our man to come thru in a blazing fashion at just the right moment, in the final stretch. These next 2-3 weeks are important, but October 15th onward is when we'll really see who's able to present the best case to the American people.

Trust that they will vote with their heart. It's time for a change. Be strong.

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