Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mini Appetizers for Mini Clubman

Originally uploaded by lakersalex
On tuesday, I attended a party in celebration of the new Mini Clubman. The car looks sweet, a bit longer than the old mini, with cargo doors that swing open. The leather seats were plush, with comfortable back seats to boot! The appetizers were also Mini: mini cheeseburgers, sushi and pizzas tasted amazing. Also really enjoyed a performance by Jamie Lidell, an amazing one person band who samples his voice, layering beat boxing and singing until he has an amazing dance track, so sick. iDJ best describes the sound. "If '60s music soul had been put in a time capsule, spun half-way round the universe and beemed back direct from the year 3000, it still wouldn't sound as alien and future-fresh as this."

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