Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ACTION ALERT! Hyperion Bridge Needs Your Help! Your Voice Creates Walkable Livable Streets in Los Angeles!

PLEASE Send this email NOW to ensure that Cyclists, Pedestrians and Drivers can all utilize the Hyperion Bridge of the future.



Hyperion Bridge OPTION 3

Customize this letter:

Dear All,

My name is __________. I am a cyclist, pedestrian and driver and I am writing to ask that the historic Hyperion Bridge PLEASE retain BOTH sidewalks, and that it please include buffered bike lanes on both sides of the bridge so that pedestrians and cyclists for generations to come may finally enjoy SAFE convenient access to the LA River bike path, Red Car park (including Councilmember O'Farrell's hard fought bike pedestrian bridge) and all of the amenities of the forth coming Alt 20 plan which invests a billion dollars into the river making it a hugely attractive place for Angelenos to travel to. As of now there are no safe ways to get to and from the river from Silver Lake Echo Park Los Feliz Hollywood KTown and beyond. Creating a livable Hyperion bridge connection will finally accomplish this worthy goal.

I recognize that option 3 will reduce one travel lane heading downhill into Atwater. This will slow the chronic and dangerous speeding on the bridge to a manageable level and the good news is that the traffic studies commissioned by the Bureau of Engineering even under the worst case scenario, show that traffic will actually improve slightly. THIS IS A WIN WIN for Los Angeles.

With option 3, the Hyperion Bridge, and all of its historic features, belvederes and pedestrian amenities will survive and be enhanced for generations to come.


SIGNED ______________

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