Monday, September 19, 2011

My First Day of Interbike 2011: Outdoor Demo

Thousands of Interbike images and dozens of videos are filling up my hard drive at this very second. It's taken me all weekend to recover from the Vegas experience and now I have something to share with y'all.
Welcome to Interbike



The video you see above represents my best effort to distill my first day of Interbike into 4 minutes. My amazingly talented friend Brad of the band Skull Tape graciously gave me permission to set my video to his music, or his music to my video, not really sure how to say that properly. Anyways, hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed filming it, though I wish I spent more time riding sick mountain bikes instead of filming them.


At least I got to ride the Yeti SB 66, but it was all too brief and hopefully I'll get to spend more time and give a proper review (hint hint Yeti) All I can say is it was a dream to ride and the techs were super friendly after 2 full days of demo-ing out bikes.



Thank you Yeti! Anyways, if you are one of the guys getting all vertical and aerial on the video, I hope you don't mind being on Youtube. Oh, and tell me your impressions of riding those bikes. Cheers!


JB said...

I didn't try Surly's Moonlanders, but the Salsa Mukluks were super fun to ride. If you went to their booth at the indoor show, they had a tricked out Ti frame highlighted ano-blue (CK/SRAM X.0).

Best bike, though, for me was the Meta AM 1.

Heather Taylor said...

Love the video! Love the skull tape! looks like a beautiful exciting day!