Saturday, September 24, 2011


Perched above #Ocean thinking of @DianaNyad #XtremeDream 2 cross the sea, stroke by stroke

Fiying high above the ocean, looking down on a sea blanketed by puffy white clouds, my mind thinks of Diana. Diana, goddess of the hunt, virginity and the moon. Artemis, daughter of Zeus, sister of Apollo, frozen in marble, her bow taught with tension, her arrow on the precipice of flight.

Like our Diana, standing on a stone perch in Hemingway Harbor, about to take flight across the sea, across the universe, across the mind, across time and history. For 60 hours, she will stroke her way across the ocean, 200,000 pulls of the bow, to bring her across. Diana, pure of mind, at peace, at rest, yet active. YET ACTIVE! Pushing her body and mind beyond the limits we set for ourselves. But not Diana. She had 30 years to think about this moment. What's 30 years to 60 hours? What's 30 years to 103 miles? How lucky she is to be out there, in her element, doing what she loves, with the ones she loves, and the ones who love her.


Email: said...

How perfect.
How lucky she is.

Megan Taylor said...

We are all so lucky! Lucky for Diana to inspire and lucky to have each other.