Friday, July 22, 2011

Give Thanks Where Thanks Is Due


The Wolfpack reminded me that there are some people that need to be thanked for standing up for cyclists rights. You might do the same!


Subject: On Behalf of all Los Angeles Cyclists, Thank You!

Dear Councilmembers and Mayor Villaraigosa,

On the day you passed the Cyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance, I was riding my bike on Crescent Heights at 6th Street. I was the victim of harassment by a DOCTOR in blue scrubs who honked at me, then jumped out of his white Mercedes 550 SL screaming at me and threatening me with clenched fists. I asked if he was having an emergency or needed assistance.


Thankfully, this diffused his rage enough that he decided to get back in his car and drive away. Unfortunately, I was unable to get his license plate or I would have been proud to be the first cyclist to make use of this ordinance!


I am grateful that this ordinance will hopefully deter this angry driver from harassing any other cyclists in the future. Thank You Councilman Rosendahl for your leadership to protect cyclists and thank you to the whole council for unanimously passing this important ordinance!

Your 2 Wheeled Constituent,

The Engaged Observer


Sunday Taylor said...

Alex, I am so glad you bring our attention to this very important issue, the rights of bicycle riders. I just heard recently that the husband of a woman I know was killed in a bicycle accident. Sometimes I worry that cyclists are overly relaxed on the roads and I find myself slamming on my brakes because one has darted in front of me. I worry about their safety. But I applaud their biking because it reduces the number of cars on the road and that is a very good thing! I try to be vigilant in looking out for them.

Megan Taylor said...

Thanks for helping to open all of our eyes, Alex! Will be more cautious - as a driver and a cyclist. xo