Saturday, June 4, 2011

Find Love, In & Out of the Saddle

Team Wedding Spin!
(No, I will NOT take down this photo.

In case you haven't heard, Heather and I are making it official tomorrow and part of that celebration was an early morning "Wedding Spin" with our friend and the most amazing spin instructor, Tevia. To our delight and amazement, 9 of our bravest friends and family joined us for an hour of sweat, music and pedaling. Some have spun before and for some it was their first time. And though there were a few people we would have loved to see in class, it was nonetheless an amazing part of our wedding weekend that we will never forget. Thank you Amelia for making this happen and thanks Tevia for inspiring us with your unmatched integrity and your mildly perverted sense of humor.


Heather Taylor said...

this is so sweet! best start to our wedding weekend.

Sunday Taylor said...

Alex, I love this! You all look so happy! What a great moment and how wonderful that so many friends came out to support you. This was a perfect kick-off to the wedding.