Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Guide to Cycling in Los Angeles, sponsored by Chanel

The weather is looking epic for this weekend whether you're planning a century to Santa Barbara or seeking out singletrack in the moonscape of the Angeles forest, err burn areas. It's going to be a great weekend for cycling. I'm eager to get riding again, but I have some tweaking to do on my new road bike, and a clicking torque wrench is my new holy grail of must have accessory.

Speaking of accessories, have you stopped by your local Beverly Hills bike shop to see Chanel's latest "dutch" offering? Complete with quilted chain guard, pump, side saddles and tool pouch. And it woudn't be complete without a custom Brooks saddle also done up in Chanel black quilted leather. If you have $13,595 burning a hole in your pocket, head straight to Sak's and pick one up today! Then ride your 401K on Saturday to the LA Bike Working Group.

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Bike Writers Collective hosts the LA Bike Working Group

Location: Hollywood Adventist Church
Address: 1711 N. Van Ness Ave., CA 90028
Time: 2pm-5pm

This event will crystalize all the complaints over the city's miserable Bike Plan, which in the eyes of the city, is merely a document that allows them to easily obtain transit funding. Among other goals, cyclists want to see a plan that actually results in a bike plan that serves all residents of the city, because if L.A. truly supported cycling, there would be less traffic, safer streets, more local business activity, less pollution & greater community involvement.

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