Monday, April 28, 2008

“The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle”

A few days ago I posted an image of two Firebirds crashing into each other. Yesterday I met the artist, Jonathan Schipper, who explained the piece to me. He rigged a pneumatic mechanism to slowly crash the two cars over the course of 6 days. The crash happens so slowly that you need to record the event with time lapse to see it happen. Here the cars are on the last day of NEXT, rising about 3 feet in the air. I'm looking forward to seeing the sped up movie of this piece.


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dave said...

That I'd both considered by many a waste and an insult. 'Art' or not, the effort is also a waste if its seen critically more than anything else, unless there is some issue that the 'artist' has that makes him feel the need to do something this foolish. If a statement is what you are after, truly brilliant art will be both pleasing to the eye and constructive in some fashion. This is neither.