Saturday, April 19, 2008

"I want almost everything, and I get almost anything I want"

Last night, Heather and I met up with Jeana at Spaceland to see her husband's band perform. We were both completely blown away. The Mae Shi have been around for a few years and their experience was on display as they swiftly took the crowd on a wild sonic journey. Their first song was an anthem to excess that had everyone singing the refrain, "I want almost everything, and I get almost everything I want!" High energy does not begin to describe how these boys were wailing with every fiber in their being. I didn't know people could scream that loud for sustained periods, or convulse with such intensity as to summon paramedics. But that's just the attention to detail you can count on when the Mae Shi are on stage. Throw in a few pushups, a sing along under a sheet, some PBR, and Son, you got yourself a perfect friday night performance at Spaceland. I'm looking forward to their upcoming video that promises "lots of animated puking." Onward and upward lads! Godspeed!

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Jeana Sohn said...

the photos are amazing! thanks so much! xo