Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Perfection Perfected


How does one improve on perfection? Just ask Sherry & Miguel of Marvimon. Last week they opened their newly refurbished event space in Chinatown.


I'll never forget the first time I crossed the threshold of Marvimon, leaving behind Los Angeles and entering a magical land. As you prepare to leave grungy downtown L.A., the antique rug gives you a hint of what's behind the door.


Here you can see what Marvimon does best: elegant entertaining for large groups, state of the art multimedia & an ambiance limited only by your imagination.


Hollyflora, the best floral artisans in Los Angeles, know the ins and outs of Marvimon. This piece here brings the natural essence of a field of wildflowers into the mix, a perfect accent for this golden brick wall.


The muted grey/blue color of this wall makes everything POP


More flower porn...


The reclusive Lord Nelson holds court at the margarita bar.


Back to reality, if you're too imbibed to drive home, the train station is a five minute walk down the street.

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