Sunday, January 31, 2010

Los Angeles Critical Mass January 2010

Probably 400 cyclists showed up for January 2010 Los Angeles Critical Mass.

I decided the Cyclists' Bill of Rights should make an appearance at the ride.

The ride was moving quick and somehow I got stuck with a group that lost the main pack. We ended up down La Cienega at 18th Street, while the main group was up on Sunset in Hollywood. After furiously twittering and texting, we made our way back to the main group.

We caught up with the People's Ride and ended up at Echo Park for a pitstop.

Thankfully, I was able to make repairs to my flag pole mount.

Riding through the 6th Street Tunnel. A few kids raced thru the tunnel. Afterwards, one kid went down HARD. Henry, buy a helmet bro! You were out cold for a minute! Not cool. Hope you're feeling better. On we rode, Henry got a ride to the hospital.

Mike G from Planet X! Whatup!?

Then on to a party at TOW, with a DJ spinning music, and a folkish type band playing rowdy tunes for the cyclists.

Michael and I ended the night with last call at The Bounty.

Even though the group got split up a couple times, I consider it one of the best rides so far. I didn't see one cyclist get cited by the police. THANK YOU LAPD! Henry fell hard and got knocked out, but he should make a full recovery. And the party at TOW was a total bonus! I'm guessing we rode 35-40 miles total. Santa Monica should be even bigger next Friday! It's the 5 year anniversary. Be prepared: Santa Monica Police love writing tickets to cyclists. Until then, ride safe!


Vivier said...


Alex said...

You never know what you'll find at the end of a ride. Los Angeles is full of special spots with gypsies!

Anonymous said...

Every corker should have one of those Cyclist's Bill of Rights flags.

amelia said...

alex, i am so inspired by your enthusiasm and llllooove the pic of you on your bike with the sign. totally rad.

Alex said...

Ride with us Amelia! This friday in Santa Monica. Or can't you stomach critical mass?

Megan Taylor said...

looks like a fun night. was it bah-ho? next it's SF. actually someone mentioned recently to me that they wanted to ride from SF to LA with you. who could it be?

Alex Thompson said...

I lolled at the sign. Kick ass!