Friday, November 20, 2009

A Survey for Los Angeles Cyclists

From a friend comes this survey for L.A. Cyclists. Please take it and pass it on!

Dear friends, colleagues, and fellow cyclists,

I need your help in order to complete my master's thesis. I am conducting a survey of cyclists within the City of Los Angeles in-person and online. Below is the link to the online survey. If you ride a bicycle in the City of Los Angeles, please take a moment (about 12 moments to be exact) to complete the survey. If you don't ride a bike but have friends who do, please pass the survey on to them.

survey link -

The survey will also support a "white paper" that will be released in February on behalf of the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative ( The Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative is a non-profit organization that funds graduate research on environmental issues in an effort to promote sustainable development in Southern California and bridge the gap between local urban issues and local academic research.

The data from the survey will help create and support policy recommendations to encourage and improve the cycling experience in Los Angeles, beyond just the obvious need for more/better infrastructure.

I appreciate your time and help in the effort.

survey link -

Every cyclists counts!

Alexis Lantz
MA Candidate '10
Urban Planning
UCLA :: School of Public Affairs


Megan Taylor said...

am i an LA cyclist? i think i'm bringing down to bikes, p.s.! xoxo

lisa fika said...

thanks alex! xo.

Victoria said...

love the shot of that bike!