Friday, September 25, 2009

Los Angeles Bicycle Plan Update leaves little time for comment!

Westside Bikeside just posted news that the LA Bike Master Plan was just released today, and leaves little time for public comment, especially the Neighborhood Councils. You'd be well served by writing to your council member demanding an extension to the public comment period. Here's my email to Council member Bill Rosendahl


LA Bike Master Plan

Good Morning Councilmember Rosendahl,

As a cyclist in Los Angeles, I am outraged that the bike master plan released today (6 months late) includes a Nov 6th deadline for public comments. How can neighborhood councils provide input and comment on this plan with so little time. It seems time and again, the interests of cyclists are ignored, supressed and stymied by the various departments in this city. This is just another example of the city attempting to force through this plan without proper public comment and oversight. I urge you to introduce a motion to reschedule the deadline to January 4th, 2010. This will allow enough time for the public and neighborhood councils to read, comprehend and comment on the 212 pages, with 351 pages of appendices.


the engaged observer

Go For It!


Alex Thompson said...

Thanks Alex - good email. Are you all healed up from your wreck?

Alex said...

indeed, the crankmob was my first ride since June! hopefully see you at a bear cavalry soon!