Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getty Museum raises parking rates again! Bikes still park free!

Like everyone else, the Getty lost a ton of cash in the stock market. To make up for the shortfall, they're firing 60+ people and raising parking fees to $15. You can still ride your bike and lock it up for free. LA Observed thinks the only way you can get there is in a car.

So the fact remains, what is free to do at LACMA — stroll the grounds, browse in the gift store or take in the view — will cost $15 at the Getty on July 1 and raise anew the elitism questions. Once you do gain access to the top of the hill, though, the museum part of the experience does remain free.
Where's the free parking at LACMA?! The Getty lets you see the art for free, LACMA charges! The only elitism I see is in the eyes of Angelenos unwilling to get out of their cars, ride bikes and support public transit. Parking is not a right, it's a privilege! So I say Bike On!

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