Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote Today Against Antonio's Legacy. Remember The Garden!

from Ron Kaye:

Unplanted trees, unfilled potholes, unfulfilled promises, soaring rates, fees and taxes, politics over policy, personality without progress, 1.000 digital billboards, over-development without planning, worsening traffic congestion and the fatal blow: A $1 billion and rising budget deficit that will lead to even higher rates, fees and taxes and fewer services...
Let's hear it for our Mayor "Villain" Villaraigosa !

Zuma Dogg and David Hernandez(Mayor), Nick Patsaouras (Controller), Carmen Trutanich (Attorney)
NO: Measure B, and almost any incumbents!

Shout out to Jan "Bulldozer" Perry, the singular force behind the desecration of the South Central Garden!