Monday, February 16, 2009

Clinton and Villaraigosa announce LED streetlights, but it's just a drop in the bucket

Congratulations to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a PR event that includes Bill Clinton. Los Angeles will retrofit 140,000 streetlights with LEDs, saving a bunch of energy. According to the Daily News:
Over five years, the city will retrofit 140,000 of its residential street lights with energy-efficient LED lights, an aide to Villaraigosa said. The project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40,500 tons and save $10 million annually, the aide said.
What about those digital billboards? How much energy do those use again? When all billboards are converted, 900 in all, they will consume the energy of 11,000 homes. What does Bill have to say about that?

This begs the question: Do electronic billboards belong in a green city?

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