Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saints, Hot Dogs and Observatories

Yesterday, Heather and I struggled with a plan of some sort. How should we spend this lovely day in Los Angeles? We finally settled on my long sought after obsession of visiting Saint Vincent's Thrift Store in Lincoln Heights, near Downtown Los Angeles.

Frohawk told us about St Vincent some time ago. He is a regular and showed us around the store. You really have to search out the good stuff, as it is by far the largest thrift store I have ever seen. Afterwards, he took us to the best hot dog stand in Lincoln Heights, around the corner from St. Vincents at San Fernando and Humboldt.

Bacon wrapped, all beef goodness. Later on, we drove up to the Griffith Observatory and enjoyed the sunset and city lights.

A fews years after the renovations were completed, there is still no let up in the crowds who flock to this L.A. landmark. Overall, a great Saturday Staycation.


Heather said...

oh mon! we had the most magical day together. i could staycation with you forever. love you, babe.

Umar Rashid said...

Yeah. I kind of made that happen. Wonderful editorial Cordobite! -80